Auto Accident & Injury


Acupuncture for Auto Accidnet or Injury

Those aches and pains you are experiencing after your car accident, injury or fall are an indication that the area has suffered damage. The majority of auto accident and injury victims are unaware of hidden injuries because at times medications are masking the pain.  Pain-relief and anti-inflammatory medications provide excellent short-term pain-relief by blocking the production of pain-causing substances (prostaglandins). When an injury occurs, not only is tissue damaged, but also the injured area loses its integration with the rest of the body.

 Whole Body Treatment is Important.  Whole body treatment helps restore the integrity of your system.  Untreated and/or poorly treated cases of general injuries and auto injuries can result in life long problems and suffering.  Our goal at Mapo Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic is to optimize your recovery while minimizing long-term problems that can occur. Treatment of the whole body can identify and address both major and minor injuries that may have been overlooked, but still need to be treated. When a major impact occurs such as in a fall or an auto accident, often many injuries occur simultaneously, both large and small. If ignored, the pain may go away for a while but left untreated as the tissue heals scar tissue develops the damage will not heal correctly. Some soft tissue symptoms include:

· Muscle Stiffness · Neck Pain · Numbness and Tingling · Low Back Pain · Fatigue · Spasms · Headaches · Mid-Back Pain · Difficulty Sleeping · Sore and Achy Muscles · Difficulty Concentrating · Upper-Back Pain · Shoulder Pain

Do I need to seek treatment?

If you answer YES to any of the questions below,  you may be suffering from a misalignment or dislocation due to an auto accident or injury.

1. Are you experiencing headaches, head and neck pains, stiff neck, muscle spasms?
2. Do you have restricted head motion?
3. Do you have equilibrium problems, loss of hearing, ringing in the ears?
4. Are you experiencing eyestrain, increased sensitivity to light?
5. Have you felt light-headed, excessively tired, or blacked out?
6. Have you had any neuralgia (nerve pain) or neuritis (nerve inflammation)?
7. Do you have cold hands or feet, or numbness of arms, hands, shoulders, feet, legs?
8. Are you experiencing periods of unexplained depression, anxiety, irritability?
9. Are you unable to concentrate, have poor memory?
10. Do you have pains between the shoulders, low-back pains, tremors, rapid heartbeat? 

Symptoms of Whiplash

· Neck / Shoulder Pain and Stiffness    Headaches · Low-back Pain · Sensations such as Burning or "Pins and Needles" · Irritability · Poor Sleep · Fatigue · Difficulty with Concentration or Memory · Depression · Dizziness / Light-Headedness · Pain or Numbness in the Arm and/or Hand · Ringing in the Ears · Blurred vision 

Accident and Injury Treatment

If you have been injured in a car accident, acupuncture can help. Acupuncture is one of the most effective treatments for Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) injuries — and it is covered by your personal injury protection. 

Your Personal Injury Protection Coverage Covers Acupuncture.   Your acupuncture treatments and exams are all covered by your insurance. We bill your insurance for you. Most of our patients have $0 out of pocket expenses. You are responsible for ensuring you have sufficient PIP coverage on your plan. Coverage amounts vary. You can contact your insurance carrier to find out what your PIP limit is. This amount is used to cover all your MVA-related medical expenses, including acupuncture.

MVA Injuries.    A car crash can cause many types of injury. If you where discharged from the ER without any fractures or specific injuries requiring surgery, but you are having pain—you may have soft-tissue damage. Your muscles protect your body in many ways. One of those ways is by limiting your range of motion when outside forces act on your body—as happens in an accident. Your muscles and connective tissues (ligaments, tendons, etc.) get jerked and strained in an accident. This causes damage. The pain from these injuries can start immediately after your wreck, or set in over the following days. If you are having ANY pain since your accident, it is a good idea to be seen by an acupuncture doctor for an evaluation. Soft-tissue injuries usually respond well to acupuncture.

Don't Let Your Injuries Become Chronic Problems.    Acupuncture not only relieves the pain from injuries (something that drugs can also do), but it also triggers and supports the repair of the injured tissues (something drugs don't do). This is a key factor in making sure that nagging pain from your accident a week ago doesn't turn into the nagging pain you've had for 20 years. 

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Acupuncture can be added to treatments you may already be doing for your MVA injuries, such as physical therapy or chiropractic. Acupuncture can also get improvement after other treatments have failed or only achieved limited results. Whether you will use acupuncture on its own, or in combination with other therapies, time is critical; you don't want to wait any longer than you have to to get started. With full PIP coverage and no referral necessary, what are you waiting for? 

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Acupuncture May Actually Work for Pain After All